I Just want to take a minute and give a shout out to my friend Jen at Backwoods Bar Soap who sent me this great box of soap and salves, including a chickweed salve that was a lifesaver for my totally ruined hands. I work in health care and putting on rubber gloves 200x a day, and constant washing, coupled with my homesteading activities had my hands red and raw and my knuckles looking like I'd been in a fist fight, but Jen's salve has my knuckles looking normal again. I love the peppermint soap to keep near the bathroom sink for handwashing, it's gorgeous and smells amazing. (Peppermint is my favorite for bathroom fragrances.) I also love the rosemary soap for showering and the carrot is excellent for my little guy's delicate skin. I haven't tried the others yet, but I'm sure I will be equally impressed with all of them. These soaps came beautifully and securely packages and I'm really impressed by them.

If you're looking for soaps and salves for yourself or for gifts, I highly recommend you visit the website at http://www.backwoodsbarsoap.com/

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