Beginning Magick

You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing by Debra Katz. It will teach you how to center and control your energy, a wonderful starting point for anyone on a magical path. I realize that the name implies something entirely different, but trust me on this.

Chaos Magick

If you're interested in learning about Chaos Magick, you can't go wrong with the masters Peter Carroll and Phil Hine.

The Paradigmal Pirate: Liber Lll And Liber Ventum by Joshua Wetzel would make a good companion book for the words of Carroll, Hine and other writers on the subject, and it will also serve useful as a guide to the more advanced Magickian who is passing his skills on to a protege. It is not the best book for a raw beginner because it makes alot of assumptions about what you already know. Many people will be greatly offended by this book. It has many dark magicki concepts and speaks with contempt of the "fluffier" and more organized magical systems and the moral codes that go along with them. I actually tended to agree with much of Wetzel's sentiments, yet I was still somewhat offended by how far it went! Still, a very good book for beginning Chaos Magickians, provided it isn't your only book.

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