(6/16/2008) So I was reading this article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080616/ap_on_re_us/gay_marriage
and I got all teary and I was thinking how lucky I am to live in this historic time in American history and how sad that we have to have a time like this. So I missed the hippy era, probably just as well. So I missed the Emancipation Proclamation and I missed Martin Luthor King Jr. and I missed suffrage and all those steps toward equality and true freedom in America. But here I am living in a time when a woman and a black man are serious contenders for the job of President of the United States and gay couples can finally (in some places) publicly exchange vows and proclaim themselves life mates.

Not in my state though. In Michigan gay marriage has been banned. It’s sucky, but I believe it’s better to stay and fight than run away. I am not gay but that’s just luck. I am a lucky woman who has the love of a fabulous man who couldn’t please me more and we’re getting married. Because we can. Because he happened to be born a man and I happened to be born a woman and we happened to be perfect for each other. If he was a woman, I would love him no less, but I wouldn’t be able to marry him and that makes me sad.

I am not sure people are born gay or straight or somewhere in between. I think people are born babies and I think all babies like boobs and have no interest in penises, except perhaps their own. I don’t think they spend much time thinking about the gender of the person they’re going to want to spend their life with. When I fill out those forms that ask me if I’m gay or straight, I’ve not been sure what to answer in the past. Oh I have loved women, but I never found a woman that I thought I could live with for any length of time. Women are more trouble then men, in my experience. They are often better lovers, but not as often very good partners. At least for me. Obviously other peoples experience in this area is different, since so many women have partners and some of them are quite happy to be their partners. I think I could have as easily been a lesbian as a straight woman. I’ve never been as attracted to looks as personality, so what’s this difference if they have boobs or facial hair? (or both?) Now I say I’m straight, but only by way of luck. I used to say, “I don’t discriminate on the basis of gender.” And that was true. I didn’t discriminate on the basis of race either. I did, however, discriminate on the basis of religion on occasion. That is to say, the minute somebody started trying to convert me one way or another, it was over.

I still remember one guy saying “It makes me sad to know that a sweet girl like you is going to hell.” There were so many things wrong with that sentence, I had to dump him.

I remember conversations I had with people about gay marriage and homosexuality in general. And I remember somebody, I can’t remember who exactly, was absolutely sure that gay people were, by nature, promiscuous. That gay marriage was pointless because they all ran around humping each other anyway. That’s why they all had aids. I remember thinking this person must think gay people are like hamsters. You just put two in the same cage and they’ll start humping. Really. People are people. Gay, straight, asexual, they still love. Yes. Asexual people can love too. Because guess what. Love and sex aren’t the same thing. I hope that wasn’t the news flash of the day.

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