For some families, bedtime can be a huge struggle and I don't want to be one of them. But as a Pagan family, we're looking for something a little different. We would like bedtime to be a little bit magical, very loving and to incorporate elements of our beliefs.

The routine we've settled on consists of a bath followed by a massage and putting on of jammies, followed by a story from daddy and nursing and a song from mommy (even though daddy is a much better singer). The question now is what is that story and song going to be?

When my daughter was little, I used to sing her Beth by KISS or Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N Roses My eldest son remembers me singing "that awful French song about plucking feathers out of birds" that is, Alouette. These days, I'm partial to You Are My Sunshine, though I've changed the words to make it less about loss and more about love, and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley (My Sunshine loves reggae) and Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty, Rainbow Connection and Somewhere Over the Rainbow but none of those are particularly Pagan. I thought I'd do a little looking around and see what else I could find:

(It occurs to me as I write this how much my attitudes toward music and parenting have changed since the first 20 years ago and the last today.)

Strictly Pagan lullabies seem to be few and far between. I imagine there are some that could work in Circle Round and Sing, but my copy has disappeared so I couldn't check it. I am not the only one who has had this issue, several other Pagan writers have taken matters into their own hands. For example Pagan Lullaby from Joelle's Sacred Grove and a Pagan version of Hush Little Baby.

Heaven's Gift by Gyspy on the album Enchantress

Sleepsong by Secret Garden are the album Earthsongs

There are other options that aren't strictly Pagan but work out just fine. The website Lullaby Link has some good suggestions, including:
I See The Moon
Child of Moonlight
Child of Sunshine And some Welsh classics like Hebridean Lullaby, Lavender's Blue, Sleep my Babe (All Through the Night) Only has one mention of guardian angels that can be left or adapted as suits your own path. Likewise Sleep My Baby on my bosom can easily be adapted. There Was an Old Woman is really cute.

And I am also fond of Night Mantra by Renee and Jeremy. In fact, I love Renee and Jeremy for kids music and they have several albums out.

I would be delighted to hear of any other Pagan songs for children.

4 Years Later
My little guy's current favorite bedtime song is The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Though I changed it to tiger, because lions don't live in the jungle and I have issues.) He also enjoys Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which has actually showed up at ritual.

I've found some others on Youtube - Here MammaWolf sings Norse Lullaby by Eugene Field
Friends of Rupert has created a lullaby called Hug Your Rupert.

Come Little Children from Hocus Pocus is a favorite of my daughter's. But it kinda creeps me out.

Reclaiming has released Campfire Chants which include some lullabies.

You can find another list of lullabies at
And some nursery rhyme suggestions at

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