So I was thinking about my Gods today.

I noticed a pattern.

Most people have a few Gods they really identify with. Some only one. Others just worship all sorts of Gods. Now, I'm not discriminatory. I will honor all the Gods in their time. But I have a few that I am particularly close to.

First, is Eos. Goddess of Dawn and new beginnings, Herald of Helios. She is my teacher, my guide, my beloved. Maybe my holy Mother. I don't know. She came to me in a dream and then another when I didn't listen the first time. She gave me my Pagan name (and bid me keep it sacred and secret.)

Next is Hermes. Herald of Olympus, Psychopomp. Traveler. Orator. He came to me as I began learning and He taught me so much. He denies me nothing. He is tender as a lover and he fills my heart with joy. I talk to Him all the time and He carries my prayers to those whom they best concern.

Next is Hecate. Psychopomp of Persephone. Guide, Herald, Queen of the Ways. Because I am so into herbs, of course, She took note of me. She is just starting to teach me, but I have felt Her presence for some time and I have always admired Her from afar.

Do you notice a pattern here?
Yes. They are all travelers, heralds, those who guide and go before, walkers between worlds.
I am going to meditate on that a bit.

There is another. Aphrodite. She doesn't fit the pattern as much except perhaps in that She rules in more than one realm. (Earth and Sea). Our relationship is very friendly and jovial. She helps me with creative efforts- Like writing, coming up with ideas and She dispenses advice. I like Her. We have fun and cause trouble together. Sometimes lots of trouble. I've been with Her longer than Hecate. She came to me about the time Hermes did. I think They came together. Before that there was only Eos.

These aren't the only Gods I have relationships with. I have a cordial relationship with Hera, but it's not really personal. I probably perform more sacrifices to Hestia than anyone, but that is almost like a business relationship. Artemis doesn't like me personally but She has answered my prayers on behalf of others, like my daughter (who has a good relationship with Her) and a stray dog I once had in my care, and my own dog when he was sick.

It's interesting looking at the relationships I have with my Gods. It's almost like looking at relationships with people. Very much like, actually. Maybe I'm drawn toward Gods I have things in common with. Hermes and Aphrodite because I like to be creative, particularly in writing, and Aphrodite and Eos because I am passionate and Hecate and Hermes because I like to spend time on the Astral, and Hecate because I like to wild craft. As a matter of fact, Her attention came to me when I began to take Botany courses and intensified when I got my new home and began working to make my woods a native plant sanctuary. Hrm.

(First posted by me on Blogger 10/26/07)

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