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So yea, I’m getting married, which means I guess, I’ll be blogging a lot about planning for a hand-fasting in the coming months and posting lots of articles to the effect as well. We will be having a traditional hand fasting officiated by the head of the ADF Druid grove I have Circled with before.

The ceremony will be small and private and held in my yard. I am hoping to have my spiral garden complete by August so that we can be hand fasted there. This is what it looks like now

The Circle is invited, of course, and my mother and sisters, but nobody else. That evening I will have an “informal garden reception” for the grandparents and everyone else. I really want to integrate the kids into the ceremony, but my daughter is such a grump and she either loves him (or me) or hates him (or me) and is completely unpredictable, so I guess I will have to leave them out to ensure that the day isn’t completely ruined by teenage angst! Whatever.

I want my dress to be green, not white. I’m not a fan of white. Anyway, it will be a pale moss green with a purple ribbon at the empire waist and echinacea flowers tucked into it in the back. I am going to have my mother help me make the dress. I will also be carrying echinacea flowers. The echinacea in my yard should be in bloom then…
My dear friend has offered to make the cake as well. It will be a spice cake with (maybe) pistachio cream cheese frosting decorated with purple clove-scented dianthus. My dianthus should be in bloom as well!

Anyway, I’m excited and happy though I don’t think it’ll change anything except that we can share each other's insurance! But then, people tell me it will change stuff, no matter how cool we are, and that scares me a bit. We are very happy in our relationship and change is not something we want.

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