(Originally posted 2/2/12) Every year Pagans scour the internet and books for ceremonies for the season's Sabbat. For some only an elaborate ceremony will do, but for others, the simpler the better. For me, I prefer ritual to ceremony because ritual is what makes family traditions and that's what we remember.

My husband has often commented on his happy memories of making ice cream with his grandmother using an old fashioned crank ice cream maker. The milk feast that is Imbolc is the perfect time to break out the ice cream maker and start building those memories.

Now you have the option of purchasing an electric ice cream maker that makes the whole process a lot less complicated, but not nearly as fun. If you get an item like the Maxi-Matic EIM-506 Elite Gourmet 6-Quart Old-Fashioned Pine-Bucket Electric/Manual Ice-Cream Maker, you have the option to crank with the kids on special occasions (or at the campfire), or use the electric motor on busier days. You can find ice cream recipes at http://www.allrecipes.com or check out Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book. You can put together the ingredients, and the kids can crank and watch a DVD while the adults do the boring ceremonies. They'll be proud to provide the crown of the Imbolc feast.

For your Imbolc celebration, consider recipes heavy in honey and/or fire spices like ginger or cinnamon.

And if you need some more recipes, you can find some (and share your own) at http://www.kitchenwitchcorner.com/feast:imbolc

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