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Today is my birthday and I have more candles than ever to blow out for my birthday wish tonight! Thinking about wishes, I realize that alot of the ways I was taught to make wishes as a child really amount to casting spells. Really simple spells, but spells nonetheless. I thought I'd share a couple wishing spells I've used.

When I was a little girl I loved to make wishes. My mother taught me to wish on the morning star by imagining what life would be like if my wish came true and saying:

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight

She told me I could only have one wish per night and it had to be within the realm of possibility. So all those wishes for my very own pet unicorn amounted to nothing. Alas.

My own children don't get as good a view of the stars as I once did. They know Orion and get a good view of him if the season's right, but the morning star gets missed in the haze of street lights and pollution. So, they wish on the full moon instead, saying:

Sister moon, do you see me?
High in the velvet sky
Sister moon, if you hear me
Will you grant my wish tonight?

(I am fairly certain I wrote that.)

While night time is the most magical time for wishing, sometimes you need to wish while the sun is out too. For this there are dandelions. Carefully pluck a dandelion gone to seed, close your eyes and visualize your wish, take a deep breath and blow. All the seeds that blow away on the wind will fly away to the land of faerie to let the faeries know your wish and if they are in the mood, they just might grant it. Remember, you get one wish a day and it has to be within the realm of possibility! If you don't believe in faeries, maybe the seeds fly to the Gods?

I wish for chickens.
What would you wish for?

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