This ritual is great for symbolically “sowing” plans that will be “harvested” in the coming year for urban Pagans.

Preparation must begin several weeks before Eostre-

Begin collecting eggshells. Use your eggs as normal, but instead of cracking them, carefully, cut a circle in the narrow end using nail cutting or surgical scissors. Let the eggshell dry and save it for later. You can dye it using food grade dyes or fruit juice.

You will also need:
Potting soil mixed with equal parts vermiculite
Tomato or pepper seeds
A few egg holders (Optional) or egg cartons
A small funnel
Snacks, breakfast type stuff including boiled eggs
Orange juice
A tall glass or goblet

It is best to begin your ritual at Dawn in honor of Eos (or Aurora, or Eostre) the Goddess of Dawn whose day this is.

The altar should be set up the evening before so that you can enter the ritual area in silence just before the dawn. Rise early and wash thoroughly so you can come before the Goddess fresh and clean just as she appears.

Begin a modified Salutation to the Sun just as the sky begins to lighten. Continue until Dawn is in Her fullest bloom. Do one final salutation speaking words of greeting as follows:

Mountain: We honor you Eos
Hands up: Herald of Light
Head to Knees: We are humbled in your radiance
Lunge: You are the Guide
Plank: And herald
Stick: And companion
Up Dog: Of all things new
Down Dog: And yet in every new beginning, so must also there be an ending
Lunge: And you call the night to end
Head to Knees: And at the end of the day
Hands up: We hail you, Hesperia
Mountain: Bless us, oh Eos with good beginnings and timely endings.


Approach the altar and begin assembling your egg planters. You should have some plans in mind that you would like to see come to fruition in the coming year. Select an eggshell whose color represents one of these plans to you. You may wish to inscribe the bottom of the shell with the Greek letter Theta representing the Sun and endings and beginnings, or Epsilon indicating fertility and change or if you prefer the rune Berkano or Laguz for growth or a rune or letter more suited to your purpose. Druids may wish to use Ogham markings for this.

Use the funnel to put potting soil into the eggshells. Carefully poke three seeds into the soil “One for the blackbird, one for the crow, and they leave just one to grow” and give the egg a firm shake to cover them. Sprinkle some water into the hole over the seeds.

Hold the egg up to the sun in both hands and say something like:

“Within this egg is the seed of new beginnings. Bless me, Oh Eos as I embark upon this new adventure (fill in adventure here, ex. Home ownership, job seeking, parenthood, returning to school, your freshman-senior year) and may my efforts bear fruit. As one chapter in my life draws to a close, so another begins and You are always here to light the way.”

Repeat with every new adventure you are embarking upon this year. When you are done, set aside your eggs and take up your carton of orange juice. Pour out libations to the Gods and fill the goblet. Hold it up toward the Sun and say “Blessed Eos, herald of the Sun, we honor you on this your day.” Pour out the wine toward the East and drink, pour out the rest toward the East.

Prepare a plate for Eos and place it on the altar, then enjoy your breakfast in the early morning sun.