The fire element is hot and active.

Fire Magick

The element of fire is useful in defensive magic and sex magic. It is also used for purification as it burns away negativity. Fire builds courage, strength and creativity. It is energizing and encourages activity and curiosity.

Fire Healing

Fire is warm and dry. Its opposite is water which is moist and cool.

People who are insufficiently engaged in the fire element may be unenthusiastic, run down and prone to chills. These folks would most benefit from the addition of fire foods to their diets. (See below)

People who have an excess of the fire element may be hyperactive, they may have trouble sleeping and feel that their thoughts are running away with them. This may manifest as being short tempered. These folks would benefit from eating more water foods. Also feeling hot and dry.

The element of fire corresponds to the head and brain, the heart and blood and the sense of sight.

Fire Symbols

The element of Fire corresponds to the Sun, Mars and Jupiter and the Zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and the suit of Wants in Tarot. Its metal is gold. Fire stones include jasper, ruby, hematite, bloodstone and volcanic rocks.

Fire foods

Fire foods are spicy and often red in color.

AllspiceArtichokeBasilBay LeafBeefBell PepperCalendulaCardamomCarrotCashewCayenneChickenChivesCinnamonClovesCocoaCoffeeCornCornstarchDill
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Fire in the Garden