The water element is cool and fluid, concerned with matters related to emotions and creativity.

Water Magick

The element of water may be used in magic relating to purification, love, psychic awareness, creativity, art, dreams, sleep, peace, marriage, friendship, family

Water Healing

Water is moist and cool. Its elemental opposite is fire which is warm and dry.

People who are insufficiently engaged in the water element may be distant, lacking in empathy and feel separate from others and may also feel hot and dry. They would benefit from water foods.

People who have an excess of the water element may be overly emotional, touchy, apathetic and suffer from mood swings. They may also be puffy in the face and suffer from sinus drainage. These folks would benefit from a meal featuring fire foods.

The element of water corresponds to the digestive system, the rib cage and breasts, the genitals and bladder, the feet, the lymphatic and immune system and blood. Also the sense of taste. Your emotions are also connected to the element of water.

Water Symbols

The element of water corresponds to the planet Venus and the Zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio and the suit of Cups in Tarot. Its metals are mercury, silver and copper. Silver and copper are recommended for use in cooking, mercury is toxic. Water stones include beryl, opal, pearl, coral, rose quartz, aquamarine and amethyst.

Water foods

Water foods are cool, juicy and energizing - and often grow in or near water.