March 15, 2018
Pisces Waning Crescent

I have been mostly working and sleeping the last several days, but I do have a few things to report. Both Penelope and Sugar are sitting on eggs, 5 between them. Shazaam is "helping". We candled 3 of them and there are definite signs of life. Will try to do it again today and get a picture for this post. I have started Spanish Yellow onion seeds. We have peppers, tomatoes, lavender and basil sprouting enthusiastically. The ground is still frozen so we can't finish our back garden fence, but I did make some sort of theoretical progress - I visited the town hall to make sure that none of our plans violated any codes. We're good. Will plant more this weekend. I've been biding my time inventing recipes. I will add them to the cookbook. I didn't take any pictures, because I fail to think ahead. I need to stop forgetting to take pictures.

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