Beer is an ancient beverage fermented from grain. Its recorded history dates back 6,000 years in China, 5,000 years in Egypt where it was used for ritual purposes, as a gift to Pharaohs and offerings to Gods as well as medicine. Archaeological findings indicate an even longer history of brewing. Beer contains both Earth and Water energies and is suitable for celebrations offering Germanic, Celtic and Egyptian deities as well as any grain deities from any pantheon.

Beer was (and is) a popular beverage among grain producing civilizations and indeed helped civilization grow. When people live together in an area it isn't long before the water becomes undrinkable. Fermentation helps to kill off harmful bacteria and beer stores longer in barrels than water, making long range sea exploration possible. It is also high in calories necessary to maintain the life of a farmer in cold climates. In many cultures, brewing was traditionally a woman's activity until monasteries and pubs began brewing for mass consumption

All alcoholic beverages contain the "spirit" or essence of the materials they were created from.

Followers of Heathen traditions may use beer at Sumbel ceremonies. Beer is suitable for most libations, especially those to Gods of grain or agriculture and spirits of place.

Element(s): Earth Spirit
Planet(s): Mars -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Midsummer

Gender: -

purification, health, prosperity

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