Brussels Sprouts

Brassica oleracea

Brussels sprouts are bred from other members of the cabbage family native to the Mediterranean. They were probably first cultivated in ancient Rome and were quite popular in Northern Europe throughout the Medieval period. The Netherlands is the largest producer of Brussels sprouts today.

Brussels sprouts taste best in the winter as it is a very cold hardy plant and a bit of frost improves their flavor. Brussels sprouts evergreen nature gives us hope for winter survival.

Brussels sprouts taste and smell pretty badly overcooked, but they are tasty steamed, roasted or even stir-fried to tender-crisp. They are lovely with some sort of fat or oil and a sprinkle of herbs. Bacon with parsley and thyme is amazing. As is olive oil with rosemary and parmesan. Or olive oil, balsamic vinegar and caramelized onions.

Brussels sprouts are rich in Vitamins C, K, B6 and Folate,

Element(s): Water -
Planet(s): Jupiter -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Imbolc

Gender: Masculine

Nutrition, protection, luck, rebirth, stability, courage

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