Aristaeus, the son of the Greek God Apollo is credited with giving cheese to mankind. As such, it is sacred to Apollo and a suitable offering to him. Cheese resonates with the energy of the element of Air and the planet Saturn. It symbolizes things coming to fruition. Top any dish with cheese to compliment and raise the energy already present in the meal

Cheese can be cut into magical symbols to represent your goals, charged and ritually eaten. You can choose white or yellow cheese based upon magical goals as well.

Sprinkle blue cheese over your magical salads to increase energy levels and help bring your desires to fruition.

Brie is rich and buttery and creamy. It is great with fruit, especially raspberries and strawberries to enhance their loving energies.

Cheddar cheese is delicious on tacos or melted over chili or baked potatoes.

Mozzarella cheese is perfect melted over tomato based pasta dishes.

Swiss cheese is delicious on roast beef sandwiches and in quiche.

All cheese is a good source of Phosphorus, Calcium, Vitamin B12 and Riboflavin

Element(s): Air Earth
Planet(s): Saturn -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Imbolc


Gender: Feminine

completion, enhancing energy

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