Castanea spp

Chestnuts can be used for divination. Simply ask your question and place your chestnut on the fire and watch its behavior to get your answer. If two lovers are considering marriage, they may each choose a chestnut and place it on the hearth and watch their behavior for a clue as to their future together. If either of the chestnuts pops and flies away, a divorce is assured. If one person's chestnut steams, it means that he or she will be restless in the marriage. If both steam, there will be many fights. But if both chestnuts burn to ash, the couple will remain together till death.

Roast and eat chestnuts with your family to fill your house with their aroma and the loving energies they bring. They are also traditional offerings for the ancestors at Samhain and a traditional Yuletide treat.

Gather chestnuts from the ground and store them in your home to bring abundance and guard against lean times.

Chestnuts are lower in fat and calories than other nuts, but are still loaded with vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals and fiber.

Element(s): Air Earth
Planet(s): Sun -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Midwinter

Gender: Masculine

Love, mental strength, foresight, fertility, abundance, longevity

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