Cicer arietinum

Chickpeas are known by many different names including garbanzo beans, gram, Bengal gram, ceci, cece, chana, and Egyptian pea. They are one of the oldest crops cultivated by man, first in the middle East and then through the Mediterranean region. The Romans enjoyed them roasted for a snack and they have been a staple in Greece since the bronze age.

Chick peas have been used to treat kidney stones and urinary problems and to increase lactation and sperm count.

Chickpeas are delicious hot or cold in soups, curry, on salads, in dips, like hummus.

Dried chickpeas need to be cooked for about two hours, but they will fall apart if overcooked. Cooking chickpeas increases their digestibility and availability of nutrients. However, it also drains some minerals.

Chickpeas are rich in folate, iron and phosphorous and is an inexpensive source of non-animal protein.

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fertility, motherhood, impotence, frigidity

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