Cinnamomum spp

Most cinnamon sold in grocery stores today is actually Cassia Cinnamomum cassia, a closely related and less expensive plant. Cassia and cinnamon are practically identical in taste and energy. Cassia is a bit stronger.

Cinnamon can be used to gently ease stomach upset. Cinnamon tea, especially when sweetened with honey is said to cure all manner of ills, from aging to arthritis to high cholesterol and obesity.

Cinnamon added to your meals can help regulate your blood sugar and prevent spikes and crashes. It is currently under investigation for the treatment of diabetes. Do not just automatically add sugar to your cinnamon, this competes with the effect. If your food is naturally sweet -oatmeal with raisins, or apples for example, you may find that you don't miss the sugar at all.

Cinnamon is also a surprising and delightful ingredient in savory dishes, such as curries. It adds a wonderful warmth that kind of lingers in the background of other flavors.

Cinnamon is masculine in action and ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. As well as being a valuable ingredient in many recipes, cinnamon can be sprinkled over coals and burned as a pleasing incense to purify your sacred space before beginning your magical work and cinnamon scented candles are readily available as well. It can be made into cinnamon clay and used to fashion any number of delightfully scented sculptures and cinnamon sticks can be added to wreathes and other crafts.

However you apply it, cinnamon can be used in magic for protection, prosperity, scrying, and warm, comforting love. Cinnamon is all about security.

Cinnamon is a natural accompaniment to apples and enhances their loving energy.

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Cinnamon contains vitamin K, calcium and magnesium and is loaded with manganese.

Element(s): Fire -
Planet(s): Sun -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Midwinter

Gender: Masculine

protection, prosperity, scrying, comfort, love, purification

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