Cocos nucifera

Coconuts come from a tropical palm tree that grows in sandy soil near the sea. The term coconut comes from the Portuguese for the word for "grin" or "scarecrow" because the seed looks somewhat like a face.
The coconut plant is incredibly useful providing fiber, stiff fronds for making baskets, mats, brooms and more, shells for making musical instruments, bowls and ladles and scrubbers, ecologically sound timber for a variety of uses, mouthwash, medicine for dysentery and dye from the roots, oil for cooking and making soap and cosmetics, and, of course, food.

Coconuts provide us with a number of good foods including coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, heart of palm and of course coconut meat.

Many cultures use coconuts, sometimes elaborately decorated, as offerings to their Gods. Hindus use coconuts in rituals to bless new endeavors.

Coconut meat is high in fat and fiber. It is a good source of manganese and contains a respectable amount of iron, copper and selenium

Element(s): Water -
Planet(s): - Moon
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: -
Sabbat: -

Gender: Feminine

purification, chastity, spirituality, diversity, protection, abundance, new beginnings, health

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