Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is made from grated coconut meat mixed with a bit of water. Coconut milk is creamy and rich with a high fat content. In non-tropical regions, coconut milk is usually sold in a can or a carton.

There can be problems with commercially available coconut milk. Cans are often lined with BPA and thickeners are often added to improve the appearance of the product. This product seems okay.

Coconut milk can be used in place of cow's milk in many recipes.

Coconut milk is an important component to many Asian cuisines and is wonderful in curry and coconut rice and makes a tasty beverage.

There is much disagreement about the health affects of coconut oil, a major component of coconut milk. Some people say it's a panacea while others condemn it as a heart disease risk due to its saturated fat content.

Element(s): Water -
Planet(s): - -
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Gender: Feminine

purity, innocence, purification, nourishing, health, healing

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