L. augustofolia or mustead

Lavender is a fragrant herb in the mint family that is highly prized in aromatherapy circles as well as culinary circles.

Lavender buds should be harvested just before they open and used fresh or dried.

Lavender is useful for relaxing the mind to encourage clear thinking. It is also used in love magic and can be added to wedding cakes to ensure fertility.

Make sure the lavender you get for cooking was raised and prepared for cooking rather than for decorative purposes- or just go organic if you can. (Growing your own is best, but use what you've got.) Lavender is delicious in iced teas and punches, made into jelly and spread on biscuits or rubbed on chicken, duck or lamb with rosemary and thyme. It is also good sprinkled over potatoes or added to desserts, particularly creamy or chocolaty desserts.

Combine lavender and sugar in a jar and let it sit for several weeks shaking periodically, then strain through a sieve. The sugar will pick up a subtle lavender flavor and can then be sprinkled over fruit or added to teas and desserts.

Element(s): Air -
Planet(s): Mercury -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Summer
Sabbat: Midsummer

Gender: Masculine

love, relaxation, clarity, mind, rest, fertility

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