Lemon Verbena

Aloysia citrodora

Lemon verbena is a South American sub-shrub with long, slender leaves and delicate flower clusters of white to purple. It is a frost-tender perennial that needs to be wintered indoors outside its preferred tropical climate but grows quite well in pots with good drainage.

Lemon verbena is considered among the best herbs to add lemon fragrance and flavor to recipes. It makes a lovely hot or cold tea with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon verbena dries well and can also be made into a simple syrup or tincture. It also makes an amazing granita and "lemonaid" for summertime refreshment when lemons are not in season, but lemon verbena is at its peak.

Lemon verbena is refreshing and cleansing and helps clear the mind of distracting thoughts, especially those that are causing anxiety. Stuff a pillow with the leaves to prevent troublesome dreams from disturbing your sleep. Carry the herb, or splash the herbal water on your body to turn bad luck to good.

Lemon verbena is often associated with love and beauty, probably because it was once popular in cosmetics or perhaps because its name ties it to vervain, which is also called verbena, though it is quite different energetically and in flavor. Lemon verbena's magical properties are better put to use to help let go of relationships that aren't in your best interest. It can also be used in spells to "sour" a relationship (as with any lemon-scented herb) or to sour/discourage the interest of an unwanted suitor.

Element(s): Air -
Planet(s): Mercury -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Summer
Sabbat: -

Gender: Masculine

luck, purification, release, mind, cleansing, refreshing, sleep, anxiety, discord

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