Citrus limetta

A lime is a small, green citrus fruit that is slightly more sour than a lemon with a distinctive, clean, fresh scent popular for use in aromatherapy. Limes are rich in vitamin C and were once carried on British ships to protect sailors against scurvy earning said sailors the nickname "Limeys".

Lime juice is delicious in margaritas and frozen with a bit of sweetener makes a refreshing treat. Lime juice is wonderful paired with avocado and helps slow the oxidation process to keep them looking fresh longer.

Some say limes are loved by faerie folk and nature spirits. A little offering of lime aid is likely to be welcomed by anyone.

Limes are rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and copper

Element(s): Water -
Planet(s): - -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: -

Gender: Feminine

love, cleansing, purification, healing

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