Citrus × sinensis

The orange, native to Southeast Asia, was developed from the citron and were brought to Europe by the Roman Empire around 100 BC. They have been known as a love fruit and are used to promote love, health and happiness in rituals and as the tree produces both fruit and blossoms at the same time, oranges are also associated with both virginity and fertility. Orange blossoms are traditional in bridal bouquets. In Northern climates, the orange has symbolized wealth due to its historic rarity there. Orange juice is sometimes used in ritual in place of wine, especially for dawn ceremonies and those honoring sun deities. Tea made from the peel of the orange and orange marmalade is said to encourage clear thinking and prevent drunkenness. The orange has been traditionally used for gifts and decorations during the winter holidays to encourage wealth and happiness in the coming year as well as its link to the sun.

Oranges, orange juice, orange peel are useful in magical diets to promote love, fertility and happiness. Orange peel is delicious and very suitable addition to wedding cakes. The scent of orange peel or the essential oil is popular in aromatherapy because of its uplifting and joyful nature.

The orange resonates with the energy of the element of Fire and the Sun and is sacred to the Sumerian God Enlil.

Oranges tend to get a lot of chemicals applied to them by their growers. If you are eating the flesh of the orange, this isn't a big deal as most of the chemicals are stored in the skin which is discarded. However, if you are using the orange peel, you may want to choose organic.

Oranges are best known for being high in vitamin C, but they are also a good source of thiamine, potassium and fiber. Oranges are high in sugar.

Element(s): Fire -
Planet(s): Sun -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Midsummer

Gender: Feminine

love, health, happiness, virginity, fertility, weddings, wealth, clarity, alertness,

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