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The pear is a fruit related to the apple that grows in temperate climates. Pears have been eaten by man since prehistoric times. Pears are mentioned in the Odyssey and in Pliny's Natural History (Book XV Ch 16).

There was a custom in Europe of planting a pear tree for the birth of each daughter to ensure her long life and fruitfulness. (And apple trees for boys for the same purpose.)

It is said that if two people split a pear they will become separated.

The pear tree is a very long-lived tree. For this reason the pear may symbolize immortality or longevity.

European pears are soft, sweet and the flesh has something of a grainy texture. You can tell if they are ripe by gently pushing down on the neck of the pear (right where it begins to widen) to see if it gives. If it gives slightly, it's ripe, if your thumb goes through the skin, you're either pushing way too hard, or your pear is overripe. Because they are so soft when ripe, ripe European pears bruise easily and so are generally shipped in an underripe state. If your pears are not ripe when you bring them home, they will ripen quickly at room temperature. Placing them next to bananas will speed up the process even more. Once your pears are ripe they should be refrigerated and eaten within 2 days, overripeness sneaks up quickly.

Asian pears are crisp, like apples, and less grainy than European pears, but they still taste like pears.

In modern cultivation, pears tend to be doused with quite a lot of pesticides. Choose organic if you can, scrub and peel if you cannot.

Pears are a great post-ceremony treat to help restore the energy you expended.

Pears are rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K.

Element(s): Water -
Planet(s): Venus -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: -
Sabbat: -

Hera, Aphrodite, Pomona, Athene

Gender: Feminine

immortality, separation, longevity, fruitfulness, lust, love, enthusiasm, strength, energy, babies

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