Wine has been used for libations and celebrations for thousands of years and it is the sacred gift of many Gods and Goddesses from many traditions. Venus, as Her name might suggest, was a wine Goddess and Dionysus and Bacchus are well-known Gods of the vine. In ancient Greece, wine was first mixed with water before being consumed or offered. Only barbarians and drunkards drunk unmixed wine. It is possible that wine helped civilization come into being as mixing wine with water helped kill any bacteria that might have proliferated in water tainted by the presence of a large number of people without modern sanitary facilities.

Wine contains the essence of nature and symbolizes union, communion and sharing. It resonates with the Fire element.

Wine is an excellent choice for ritual libations. White wine is suitable for spring and summer festivals and red wine for winter and harvest festivals though there is no hard/fast rule on this. Sangria is a good choice for Samhain and a nice rose or muscado is suitable for Beltane. Mead is traditional at both Beltane and Midsummer.

1 glass of red table wine contains:
125 calories, 3.8 g carbs, 5.9 mg sodium, and 15.6 g alcohol

Red wine is a good source of Manganese

1 glass or white table wine contains:
121 calories, 3.8 g carbs, 7.4 mg sodium, 15.1 g alcohol

White wine also contains Manganese

Element(s): Fire -
Planet(s): Venus -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: -
Sabbat: -

Dionysus, Bacchus, Venus

Gender: -

union, communion, sharing

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