Reduce My Household's Use of Electricity

I would like to reduce the average monthly electricity usage of my household by 100kWh

Reducing our electricity usage will lower our monthly bills as well as reduce our environmental footprint on the Earth, thus benefiting both our household and our larger community.

1. Turn off power strips at night, including wireless routers.
2. Dry clothing outdoors whenever possible.
3. Get a hygrometer to determine whether/when the dehydrators are needed in basement.
4. Determine the most energy efficient ways to prepare food.
5. Unplug and put away any appliances not in use.
6. Insulate and/or replace windows

Every few months I get a notice in my email that reports on my energy usage. I will use this to measure our progress. Since our electricity usage varies by season, I will have to compare 2 years worth of reports to really measure progress

Nov 15, 2016 - Dec 14, 2016 - 1156 kWh


Goal Notes

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