You may wonder why copywork is important. My husband feels copywork is completely unimportant. He believes that in this age of computers, handwriting is just frosting. I disagree. As a witch I know that words have meaning and words put to paper by a hand have much more power than those laid down by technology. Handwriting may be but a little thing, but it's a thing that can mean all the difference. It is a hand-written thank you note after a job interview, it is a handwritten love poem attached to a bouquet of flowers, it is a beautifully-penned letter of inquiry. It is a first impression and the difference between unique and ordinary, between being remembered and being tossed in a file.

Anyway, copywork is about more than handwriting. It's about exploring and internalizing ideas, practicing spelling, practicing grammar and sentence structure and expanding the vocabulary. Copying the work of great writers and thinkers is like copying the work of great artists and musicians. It helps you understand them, how they work and it helps expand your own abilities in that area.

And as witches, our children will one day be copying spells, recipes and more into their own Books of Shadows. They might as well have some practice.

So how do you do it?

Simple. Just have your child copy something. At first, just a few short quotes and then something longer as they get older. Once they've got a grasp of handwriting, provide a notebook to keep quotations in. I can't remember what it was called, but I was required to keep a book of quotations that struck me during reading for a Shakespeare class I took and I still treasure it. (I just wish I had better handwriting.)

Many homeschoolers choose religious sources for their copywork and there is no reason we shouldn't follow suit. There are many sources that we can use, The Delphic Maxims and the writings of Aesop, Pythagoras, Hesiod, Leland and Homer are just a few writers whose verses lend themselves reasonably well to copywork. You may also wish to expose your child to the various versions of the Wiccan Rede, the Witches Crede, the Witches Rune, etc. It will do no one harm to memorize these and to copy them into their Books of Shadows.

I will add my own copywork pages here as they come to me.

Copywork Fonts

If you would like to create your own copywork worksheets, you may be interested in using one of the following free fonts:

Print Dashed is just what it sounds like, printed letters made of dashed lines

Penmanship Print is perfect for beginner writers.

School Script Dashed for learning cursive

Learning Curve is cursive for slightly more advanced students

Copywork Resources

Little Pagan Acorns has several copywork pages you may wish to download.