Stones, metals, crystals. Bags to store them in. Books to help identify them and learn about them.

Establish sacred space.


Begin with a basic relaxation exercise.

Close your eyes and find yourself relaxing in the back yard. It's a nice day, not particularly warm or cold or bright or dark and there is nothing special going on.

As you are idling about, you find a hole at the base of a tree. You move closer to investigate and you find that though the hole seems very deep, it's not very dark inside. In fact, you can see for quite a ways. As you lean forward, you also discover that the hole is just big enough for you to crawl inside.

Normally, this would be very dangerous and you would never think of doing such a thing, but you know that you are safe because you are in dream space. So you squeeze yourself into the hole and as you do, the smell of Earth fills your nostrils. You feel the cool embrace of Grandmother Earth all around you. You see many cooked paths dug in the soil. Some small ones dug by ants and worms and other small creatures and some larger ones dug by moles and ground squirrels. Alli around you the roots of trees and smaller plants reach deep into the soil searching for nutrients.

You crawl deeper and soon you have left the animal burrows behind. You've gone below the topsoil and most of the Earth you see all around you is made up of clay and silt. The walls of the tunnel are firmer in places than they are up above. It is also much cooler here and also quite damp. You still see some sturdy tree roots breaking through the clay here and there, searching for the delicious minerals that are stored here.

Down and down you go, and as you go deeper, the walls become firmer, until they are solid rock. Some places you see sparkling lines through the rock. Some are silver, some are gold, but you see other colors too. These are metals and they are used to make many useful things.

Sometimes too you see crystals in the rock and they sparkle though there is little light for them to sparkle by. Some are clear and some are white and others are pink, and red and purple and every color of the rainbow.

Finally, you feel that you have gone as far as you should. You turn and make your way back up the tunnel. You move past the crystals and the veins of precious metals. Past the bedrock, past the clay and silt, past the roots of trees and smaller plants, past also the burrows of animals in the soil until finally, you emerge into the light and open your eyes to be with me here and now.

Have everyone in the circle discuss their experience in dream space.

Now give each participant a bag (or have them make their own). Place a bowl of gemstones in the center of your work area and provide several books. Amethyst, quartz, smoky quartz, tourmaline, tiger's eye, agate, carnelian, rose quartz, bloodstone, jasper, sodalite, whatever you can find. Have the adults and the children work together to identify each stone and have each participant place a stone in their bag once identified and make a note of it in their journal.

Close and release before things get too crazy

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