I know the traditional name is Strawberry moon, but those aren't the only fruit we're excited about this full moon. Saskatoons, raspberries, blackberries, cherries and blueberries are either ready to pick or will be soon, depending on the weather. (Not to mention broad beans, sweet peas, snap peas and salad greens).

The berry moon is all about celebrating the first signs of your hard work coming to fruition. It's all about that little squee of joy you get from the back of your brain when you spot that first shining red berry among the green leaves that were until so recently covered with white.

This marks the start of canning season. For the rest of the summer and well into autumn, my counter tops will be filled with jars and freezer containers, my stove will be covered with giant pots, sterilizing and blanching and boiling, and my dehydrator and drying rack will be loaded down as well.

Others call this moon the honey moon because this is when the first spring nectar flow is completed and is ready to be harvested. It also relates to the tradition of getting married in June, apparently. When I get bees, I might change the name I use for this full moon to the honey moon, but as I don't have bees yet, the Berry Moon suits me fine. In truth, bees here probably won't be ready to be harvested yet. Either way, it's still about getting that first tasty reward after lots of hard work and patience.

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