The full moon in March marks the return of many birds and a lot of crow ruckus. Our crows stay all year, but the very early spring sees a lot of noise and activity from them. The sand hill cranes might be making a ruckus too as they return from their winter vacation. Many call this the full worm moon, but our soil isn't reliably soft enough to earn that name here. Our last frost date isn't until the middle of May, after all. I am partial to the name Spider Moon as I always see more spiders this time of year: Little babies running before my steps in the grass, and spiders of all shapes and sizes show up in the house. I realize that this creeps out a lot of normal people, but we're rather fond of spiders around here.

Whatever you call it, this moon is about the return of old friends and reconnecting. Birds are messengers from other worlds and they invite us to communicate, to journey, to connect. During the winter months, we tend to turn in. Now it's time to reach out.

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