The Flower moon is the full moon in the merry, merry month of May and the early flowers are blooming. Yes, some flowers have been blooming, here and there, filling our hearts with joy and promise but in May there is an abundance; on the ground and in the trees, and the air is full of their fragrance. This moon is also called the Mother's Moon and the Milk Moon and it's certainly a time for babies and the resulting lactation. This is a great time for the livestock to have babies weaning because the land is bursting with fodder to feed them.

The flowers most abundantly blooming right now are those in the rose family, which include many of our favorite fruits so these flowers give us a promise for a delicious future (actual roses will bloom next month, but rose hips are also tasty).

The end of May also gives us our last frost date, which means it's planting time! The alternative name for this moon, The Corn Planting moon, hints at that as corn does not tolerate frost and we must wait till all chance of it has passed or risk losing our crop.

The energy of this full moon supports promises, hope, abundance, fertility.

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