The Hunter's Moon is the first full moon after Harvest Moon. It is called the hunter's moon because this is a good time to go hunting for many reasons. Wild animals are about as fat as they're going to be all year as they enjoy the ripe fruits and nuts of the season in preparation for the long lean time of winter, or for migration. Their coats are also at their thickest. Migratory animals, especially birds that you don't see any other time of the year may be passing through now. In addition to hunting, farmers may begin thinking about culling their herds to ensure that they have enough fodder to last the winter. In times past, the approaching winter time was the only time it was practical to slaughter animals in any quantity as the cold weather helped to preserve the meat long enough for more permanent preparations to be made. Practical-minded farmers today are choosing the finest animals in their herds and flocks to keep through the winter when feeding them is much more expensive and they may be restricted to the smaller space of the barn for several days at a time in bad weather. I like to butcher under this moon because my birds have an extra layer of migratory fat and down and my rabbits' fur is nice and thick and less likely to slip while tanning. Yes, there are many reasons this is also called the Sanguine or Blood Moon.

This is a good time to learn about where our meat comes from and to give thanks for the sacrifice those animals make, as well as to learn about and appreciate our local wildlife.


Family Activities for the Full Hunter's Moon

  • Visit a farm and learn about the animals.
  • Visit a nature preserve and learn about your local wildlife
  • Take a nature walk and collect leaves, acorns and berries to make an autumn wreath and hang it up to decorate for the season.
  • Or Make an autumn leaf bouquet for your table.
  • Have the last Bar-B-Que of the year (and then winterize your grill)
  • Make some jerky
  • Make a Hoof and Horn Rattle (Check your local pet store in the dog treat section for materials)
  • Go hunting or get ready for hunting season

Spells and Rituals for the Full Harvest Moon
Ritual in honor of Artemis
Or Ritual in honor of both Artemis and Apollo
Animal Spirit Meditation

Have a Seance

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