The Long Night's Moon in the month of December is likely the longest full moon night of the year (The Wolf Moon in January might be longer if it's closer to the Winter Solstice). I like to spend some time this evening just appreciating the night sky. Now that all the harvests are in and planting is months away, it's time to just chill. But no. The holiday season is in full swing and not only does that mean there are a lot of demands on my personal time, preparing things to bring to parties, shopping for gift exchanges, entertaining, and being entertained, but I've got to cover everyone's vacations at work too! Ugh. Can we just do something quiet?

A trip to my local planetarium is in order. It's warm in there and dark and mostly quiet. It's like the movies, but educational. Mine does a program called "The Sky Tonight" which shows us what to look for and sends us home with a sky map so we can find the constellations that are most prevalent that week, though to be sure, they are easier to see when the moon isn't so bright!

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