Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and the Element of Air. The New Moon in Aquarius takes place in late January or early February, when the sun is in Aquarius.

This is a good time for Ritual in Honor of Apollo or a Ritual in honor of Hera

See also Noumenia

For Magick

Aquarius a great time to do magic for others, especially groups of people. Work to draw members to a group or increase support for a cause or organization or to draw people of like minds together.

This is also a good time to explore your deepest and truest feelings about things with a critical eye as to what you really need and want and what you're just holding onto out of a sense of duty, guilt or habit. Spells to release unhelpful attachments are best done during the darkest period of this lunation.

Explore yourself and take a serious look at your actions. Do they reflect your values? Or do they reflect what is expected of you? If you aren't acting according to your values, ask yourself if your values are really what they think they are. If the answer is "Yes", spend some time exploring possible reasons you aren't living according to them. Do some spellwork to break through barriers and overcome blockages and create some daily affirmations to remind you how you want to behave. If the answer to the question of your authentic values is no, spend some time meditating on what your values really are.

You can also harness the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius to clear creative blockages, draw in inspiration and find unique solutions to stubborn problems.

For the Livestock

Breeding at the New Moon gives more females, but Aquarius gives you the best male offspring, so it would probably be a waste to breed today.
Evaluate your livestock with a critical eye.

In the Garden

This is a good time to start flower seed.

Around the house

Get rid of things you don't need or don't use.
Donate Yule gifts you haven't figured out what to do with yet.

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