The new moon in Aries takes place when the sun is in Aries, in March or April. This is a good time for starting new projects, especially those that need a little extra courage. It is also a good time to purchase, consecrate and dedicate a new ritual blade.

See also, Noumenia

New Moon in Aries for Magick

Aries energy is valuable for overcoming fears and exploring outside your comfort zone. Spells for courage and self-confidence are supported at this time.

Aries is firey, strong and protective and this is a good time to do protection spells and to set defensive wards around the house.

Aries energy supports the Will and the Ego. If you aren't sure where you stand on an issue, this a good time to meditate on it.

Just about any general manifestation is supported by Aries.

New Moon in Aries Household Activities

New Moon in Aries in the Garden

New Moon in Aries for Livestock and Pets

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