The New Moon in Libra takes place in September or October when the sun is in Libra. Libra rules balance, justice, partnerships and legal matters.

This period is a good time to take a close look at your relationships and think about how to make them stronger and more equitable. Spellwork in this area is supported by the lunar energy of this period.

Libra also supports all legal matters, so, on a practical level, this is a good time to work on getting your legal matters in order. Go through your filing cabinet and make sure you've got official copies of everyone's vital records and you know exactly where to find them. If you haven't written a will yet, now is the time to move on that. If you've already got a will, review it and make sure it still reflects your wishes. Of course, if you have a legal situation you're dealing with, this a good time to do spellwork improve your chances of receiving a just resolution.

Also a good time to perform a Ritual in Honor of Hera or a Ritual in Honor of Demeter.

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