The new moon in Pisces takes place in February or March. Pisces is ruled by Neptune or Jupiter and the Element of Water

This is a good time for Ritual in Honor of Poseidon or a Ritual in honor of Aphrodite or Ritual in Honor of Persephone

See also Noumenia

For Magick

Pisces energy supports divination and dream work. This is a good time to begin a dream journal, or experimentation with dream work or astral projection or to work with the divination tools that best speak to you. This is also a good time to connect with spirit, do journey work, look for your magical name or spirit guides. If you've been feeling disconnected, today is a good day to work on re-connecting.

For the Livestock

Breeding at the New Moon gives more females, and Pisces gives you the best quality female offspring. If you're looking for hens, set your eggs today.

In the Garden

This is a good time to start any type of seed, but especially annuals grown for their leaves, like cabbages, lettuce and spinach. Prune, thin, trim, mow to encourage new growth.

Around the house

Now is a good time to begin creative endeavors, especially in the areas of music and dance and water colors. This is a good time to begin weaning children or animals. Also a good time to schedule a wedding. Trim your hair if you're trying to grow it out.

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