The new moon in Sagittarius invites us to share our experiences with others.

For Your Magick and Spirituality

This is a great time for magical work for inspiration or to get a good start on a new creative challenge, begin your transformation or take the next step in your evolution.

This new moon is a good time to celebrate a Ritual in Honor of Artemis or a Ritual in Honor of Zeus

Some Spells and Rites to Honor the New Moon in Sagittarius

In The Garden

Plant crops grown primarily for their seeds
Harvest crops for long-term storage. (dark)
This is a good time for plowing and tilling.

For the Animals

This is a good time for castrating/neutering/spaying animals, particularly while the moon is still dark.
Bring home new animals through the first quarter.
A good time to hunt larger animals.

Everyday Life

This is a good time to schedule a surgery or tooth extraction, while the moon is dark.
Cut shingles, any lumber that needs to be straight and flat. (dark)
This is a good time for weaning children to reduce stress on both mother and child and speed the drying up of the milk.
Start a new course of study from the New Moon through the first quarter.

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