The New Moon in Scorpio takes place in October or November when the Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is passionate and sexy, bold and self-centered and embraces transitions, secrets, and mysteries. This is a good time to do magic to increase the passion in your relationships, to preserve your secrets, to mark major transitions and to deal with things that have been annoying you for some time. This is also a good time to do work related to the health of the sexual organs and the organs of elimination.

Around the house, this period marks a transitionary period and we're working hard to bring this past year's growing and harvest season to a close and to get as much ready for the spring season as we can before the winter comes, the most important being laying manure to enrich the gardens and butchering any animals we aren't keeping for the winter. This is a gateway period. We are finishing all the projects we've started for the summer and closing the door on them. If we they aren't done now, they aren't getting done this year!

Also, Ritual in Honor of Artemis or Ritual in Honor of Ares

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