During the void of course period, the moon is not aspecting any planet though it remains "in" the zodiac sign it was in previous. The void of course period ends when the planet moves into a new sign.

The void of course period is somewhat controversial. Some believe that anything done in this period will turn out all wrong, while others believe it just won't have any significant affect and others ignore it altogether.

I believe the void of course period is a nice time to relax and not do anything too significant. This is a good time to work up schedules and to write down records, weigh everybody, copy receipts into spreadsheets, whatever. Also, anything that that I really don't want a fuss made over I might do at this time. Sort of sneak it in. (Like adding a new animal to a herd, or switching out a broody hen's eggs.). Sometimes, I use this time to do things I've been dreading doing, to get it over with, but this is not a good time to do anything for the fist time- only things you already know how to do, and preferably nothing that requires too much focus and attention to detail. Like scrubbing the floor or washing windows, filing and general de-cluttering.

It's not a good idea to do new things or try to master new concepts during the void of course moon because you might just forget them. You can practice things that you already know, to build muscle memory.

It is important to remember that the moon is still in its previous sign and that energy is still present. Moon phase energy is still there too.

See 2017 Solar/Lunar Scheduling Calendar for context

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