Jupiter foods are nutritious and satisfying and often starchy; Comfort foods that leave you ready to relax on the couch with Netflix or ESPN and also energy rich foods that give you the charge you need to deal. They lift your mood and relax you, allowing your mind to expand and get those creative juices flowing. These foods enhance magical intentions focused on politics and law as well as faith and religion. Jupiter supports healing of the liver and digestive system as well as alcoholism and other addictions and eating disorders. Jupiter foods also help increase optimism and opportunity. Jupiter foods can also be used to help neutralize Saturn influences. Jupiter's day is Thursday.

The planet Jupiter is the largest in our solar system and named for the Roman King of the Gods. The planet Jupiter, and those items it influences, is related to spirituality, growth and expansion. Jupiter foods, therefore, are useful in meals prepared to support the growth of spirituality, influence, intellectual persuits, power, status, prosperity and success. Also, faith, optimism, wisdom, morals, trust, hope, belief and convictions. Since Jupiter also represents leadership, it is useful energy to include in any magical working related to fathers, elders, mentors, teachers, spiritual and political leaders.

The nature of Jupiter is masculine, hot and wet. In healing it supports action to benefit the hips and endocrine system.

Some Jupiter foods include: