Although this article is about the planetary influences of Mercury, I am going to take just a few lines to mention the metal Mercury because it is so important in modern nutrition and was so important in ancient alchemy.

Mercury was used by ancient alchemists in their elixirs, but it was also a philosophical element and symbol for spirit or the feminine principle that exists in all things. It was the mother of all metals, so to speak. You can read more about this

We now know that Mercury is a toxic metal that can interfere with the development of children and fetuses. Certain polluting industries release mercury into the food chain where it is stored in fat in increasing in concentration the higher up the food chain you go. If you'd like to learn more about this, please visit

That out of the way, let us discuss foods that resonate with the energy of the planet Mercury.

The planet Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system. It is named for the Roman messenger God who is also trickster and psychopomp. Mercury is about communication, travel, cleverness, creativity and intellect and resonates with the element air. You may wish to bring the energy of Mercury into your road trip snacks, or into those meals you hope will foster open communication and lively discussion. Mercury foods are also suitable for meals to be shared with the dead. Eat a Mercury snack while working on an important essay for school.

The best time to work with Mercury energy is Wednesday and/or when the moon is in the sign of Gemini or Virgo.

Foods that resonate with the planet Mercury

Mercury foods have a zing and a sharp scent. Mercury plants have leaves that are finely divided.

Some Mercury foods include:

Other Mercury Correspondences

You may wish to decorate your table to resonate with the energy of Mercury or mark your food with the symbol of Mercury to support your magical efforts


Colors: Yellow, violet, orange
Fragrances: lavender, lemon, lilly of the valley, mace, nutmeg, sandalwood, storax, vervain
Minerals: All metal alloys, opal, lapis lazuli
Other symbols: Wings, feathers, reflective surfaces