Face Food

This delicious concoction is the perfect gently exfoliating cleanser for dealing with the harsh effects of winter on your skin.

Preparation Time:


2 parts oat flour (you can make this out of oatmeal with a blender and a sifter if you need to)
1 part soy flour
1 part corn flour (NOT corn meal, you want a smaller grain, you could use a blender here) Optional
1 part powdered milk
A hearty squeeze of honey
Enough water, vegetable glycerin or aloe vera gel to make a paste.(You can use water in a pinch)


Combine all the dry ingredients, add water, vegetable glycerin and/or aloe vera to make a paste. Add a heft squirt of honey and mix well.

Massage into moistened skin. Let rest for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

If you use water as a binder, it will only store for a day or two, even in the fridge, and you will have to add a little more with each successive use. It will last a little longer with glycerin, about a week.

I like to combine the dry ingredients in bulk and store it in a jar and mix a few days worth at a time using equal parts aloe & glycerin.

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Attribution: Dawn's Kitchen

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