Mushroom Miso Soup

Mushrooms and Miso are two magical secrets to vegetarian cooking, combined they make a rich, meaty soup that will warm the tummy and lift the spirit.

Preparation Time:


One Large Yellow onion
1-2 pounds fresh mushrooms
2 tbsp olive oil
Broth, stock or water
1 bundle buckweat noodles (or 1/2 pkg whole wheat spaghetti)


Slice the onion. Warm the oil in a heavy pot and place the onion inside over very low heat to soften for 15 minutes or so.

Slice the mushrooms. Add to the pot. Let simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Sprinkle with thyme and add 1-3 bay leaves. Pour enough stock or water over the mushrooms and onions to cover. Give it a good stir and then let it come to a boil. Add the noodles. Boil until noodles are tender.

Remove from heat and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Stir in a big scoop of miso to taste. Remove the bay leaf and serve warm, but don't reheat (you'll kill the miso)

Additional Comments:


This is great for supporting healing efforts of any kind.
Use a vegetable broth made with dandelion greens for extra healing and cleansing power.

Quick Witch Tips:

You can buy onions and mushrooms pre-sliced if you like. You can also buy broth with miso already in it or use powdered miso. It'll taste good, but it won't have the live cultures in it.

This dish is best served on the following occasions:

winter, late autumn, early spring

This dish carries energies for the following magical purposes:
healing, health


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