Note that this ritual is described as a solo ritual but it can easily be adapted for groups. Simply sit in a circle and share your affirmations together.

Any time is a good time to celebrate how wonderful we are, but the enthusiasm and joy of Sagittarius and the bright energy of the full moon make the full moon in Sagittarius a particularly appropriate time for this ritual. This is also a good ritual for Valentine's Day.

Prepare ahead of time by taking the time to buy yourself a gift and a bottle of your favorite wine (or other beverage) and making your favorite meal (or ordering your favorite takeout). Take a relaxing ritual bath and do some things to make yourself feel pampered. Put on your favorite outfit and settle down in front of your altar (you may wish to place a mirror near or on your altar, so you can see yourself) and light a candle. You may also wish to have your favorite album playing in the background.

Establish your sacred space in whichever manner you prefer.

Light a single candle on your altar.

"I light this candle in honor of me, for I am the most important person in my life. My actions and my choices have brought me to the place I am now and only through my own courage and wisdom will my dreams be made real."
(If you are doing this in a group, the leader should light a candle and change I to we and My to our, etc.)

Count coup
Run through a list of all of the great things you've accomplished in the past year. Talk about the challenges you had to overcome to see these things come to fruition. Talk about what you learned in the process and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Say it all out loud or write it down if you're alone. If in a group take turns speaking and congratulate one another- but don't forget to congratulate yourself as well.

"I am very proud of my accomplishments. I am very proud to be who I am. I feel that I deserve a special gift of congratulations for all the great things I do and so I present myself with this gift."
Open up the gift you brought yourself and admire it. Put it on (if it's wearable) and maybe even take a picture.

Get up and dance for awhile in celebration of yourself and the joy you bring you. Dance until you are tired.

Pour out libations:
"I am the physical representation of the Divine on the Earth. Through me Divine energy is manifest in matter. Through me the Gods experience the pleasures of mortality and through the Gods I may experience the wisdom of eternity. I offer this wine and this food to the Gods in thanks for myself."

Now, eat your favorite meal and drink your favorite beverage. This is the feast of celebration of you!

Other ways to celebrate yourself:

  • Write a poem or a song about yourself and your accomplishments.
  • Draw, paint or sculpt a self-portrait.
  • Get a cast made of yourself or your favorite body part.
  • Make a collage of some great pictures of you.