This house blessing is appropriate for claiming a new home as well as the annual house blessing that takes place after spring cleaning February, the Lunar New Year or any time you feel the need or desire; after new people move in or out, after a family tragedy or any particularly stressful time, after redecorating or when you feel strange energy in the house. I do my house blessing for February Eve and at the Hearth Moon.

This ritual may be done at any time. It is best if the house is thoroughly cleaned and dusted and all clutter is put away first.

Open all the doors and windows.

With your besom or broom, sweep through the whole house, starting in the middle and working your way to the doors. As you sweep picture dark, negative energy, stagnation, boredom and every crappy thing that has happened in that house for the past year being swept up and sweep it all out the doors.

Say: "Goodbye to the old, the stagnant, the dead, the dark, the negative and all I don't want. This is my house and I host here only those that please me and cast out those who have worn out their welcome. Farewell, farewell."

Now light some incense or smudge and carry it through your house wafting the smoke through every room say "Let all within my house that is not pleasing to me and my family and all that might displease the Gods be burned away with this sacred herb and blown away on the wind to make room for better things."

Next take some consecrated water sprinkled with salt and walk through the house sprinkling some in each room saying "By the womb of the Great Mother from which all life emerged I cleanse this room that it be fresh and ready for a new future of service to my family."

Finally, stand in the middle of your house and say "This building is (name of your home or The Home of the Smith Family or something). I dedicate it to the service of my family and the honor of the Gods. By Zeus and Hera guard the code of hospitality may this home be comforting and welcoming to all guests and may we always find joy and never sorrow in offering hospitality to others. By Hermes who watches over travellers, may (names of people and animals who live there), who call this place home never wander far or for too long but easily find their way back whenever they have need of warmth and love."

Light a candle and place it on the stove (or on the fireplace hearth if you have one) "Lady Hestia, thank you for your warmth. By your grace does this hearth offer warmth, comfort, sustenance and fellowship to those who gather here. Be with us always and accept our gift." (Leave an offering to Hestia, a bowl of milk, some bread or cake, a glass or wine, etc. Leave it on the hearth overnight and take it outside the next morning.)