Many people use planetary influences in their spellwork and Kitchen Witches need be no different. Simply choose your ingredients according to their influential planets. You may also want to choose the timing for your magical meal or homemaking activities based on planetary days and hours. I am only including the 7 "classical" planets here because Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are problematic because they are relatively new to the scene. They do not have many associations and those they have are rather loose, sort of retro-fit in modern times. Further, none of them have anything the other 7 don't.


Jupiter foods are nutritious and satisfying leaving one sedate and happy. These foods enhance magical intentions focused on politics and law as well as faith and religion. Jupiter supports healing of the liver and digestive system as well as alcoholism and other addictions and eating disorders. These foods help increase optimism and opportunity. Jupiter foods can also be used to help neutralize Saturn influences. Jupiter's day is Thursday.

Some Jupiter foods include:


If you are a victim of a love spell, a Mars meal might help loosen the bind. (Mars neutralizes Venus) Mars is also useful for increasing strength and courage. Its energy is very male. In healing, Mars foods are used to increase the sex drive, to purify and strengthen the blood and to reduce inflammation. Mars foods are often spicy hot and/or red in color or come from prickly plants. Mars's day is Tuesday.

Some Mars foods include:

AllspiceArtichokeAsparagusBasilBeerBell PepperCarrotCayenneChivesCocoaCranberriesGarlicGingerHorseradishMustardMustard SeedOkraOnionSpinachWatercress


Mercury foods have a zing and a sharp scent. Plants have leaves that are finely divided. Mercury rules over communication and travel. Prepare a Mercury meal to share with someone you are having trouble communicating with or to get ready for a long trip. Also for communicating over distances, astral travel and communicating with the dead. Mercury foods are suitable offerings to Gods of communication and travel and Underworld deities and find a place at the table during festivals honoring the dead. Mercury's day is Wednesday.

Some Mercury foods include:

The Moon

Moon foods are juicy, cooling, soothing and lightly fragrant. These foods are useful for astral travel, dream work, clairvoyance and exploring emotions and the subconscious. They are also useful for treating illnesses related to hormone imbalances, "feminine" issues, and the lymphatic system. Moon foods are also appropriate offerings to Moon deities and may be served at lunar observations. The moon's element is water and her day is Monday.

Some Moon foods include:

Bamboo ShootsBananaBok ChoyButterCabbageCauliflowerCoconutCucumberEggGrapeGrapesLemonLemon BalmLentilsLettuceMilkMushroomPlantainPotatoPumpkin
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Saturn energy is useful for breaking hexes and also for breaking bad habits, increasing self-discipline and accepting rules and boundaries. Saturn's day is Saturday.

Some Saturn foods include:

The Sun

The sun is associated with the element of fire. Sun foods are warming and relaxing or are made from plants that resemble the sun in shape and color. The sun's energy is male in nature and provides prosperity and protection. Use Sun foods for protection, job-seeking, money drawing and other prosperity magic. Sun foods are also appropriate offerings for Sun deities and should be served at festivals in celebration of the sun! The Sun's day is Sunday.

Some Sun foods include:

Bay LeafCalendulaCashewChestnutsCinnamonCoffeeCornCornstarchDandelionHoneyOrangeRaisinRiceRosemarySaffronSunflower SeedsWalnutZucchini


Venus foods have a rich, strong fragrance and are delightful to the senses. These foods find their place on our tables when working to increase love and romance in relationships and also fertility. Remember that Venus comes from the same root as Vino, wine, and include a fine glass at your table. Venus energy can also be used to neutralize the energy of one who would attack you (Venus neutralizes Mars). Venus's day is Friday.

Some Venus foods include:

ApplesApple CiderApricotAsparagusAvocadoBananaBarleyBlackberryBrazil NutCardamomCherriesChickpeasCranberriesLemon BalmOatsOliveOreganoPearPlantainPlum
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