Aries is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. It is a masculine, positive fixed sign. The opposing sign is Libra.

Aries People

Aries people are bold and adventurous, usually open to new ideas and experiences. They may not be particularly loud or outspoken (or they might), but they have a certain self-confidence that will not be swayed. Aries will win, whatever it takes. Aries do better in work if they can work for themselves but also do well in work situations where there is a clear ladder they can climb. They'll climb it. Without it, they'll be bored and ornery. Aries enjoy a challenge and can be very competitive.

This person was born sometime between March 21st and April 19th (ish).

Aries and the Body

Aries rules the head, the brain and nerve centers, the skull, jaw and facial bones and sinuses.

Using Aries Energy for Magick

When the moon is in Aries, this is a good time for magick related to competition, leadership, virility, strength and authority (especially male). If the moon is new or waxing, consider spells to increase these in yourself, or to positively affect people in authority. You can use Aries energy during the waning moon to bind authority figures, or to remove barriers to your own climb up the ladder, or to banish things that interfere with your personal strength and self confidence. This is also a good time to banish addictions.

Aries Foods

Aries are bold and often willing to try new foods, new flavors and new combinations.

The following foods will delight Aries people and also help maintain their health.