The sun is in Leo from the middle of July to the middle of August. The astrological sign Leo is ruled by the Sun and the element Fire. Leo is a masculine, fixed sign.

Leo People

Leos are energetic, active people who enjoy attention and leadership. They tend to be sensitive to criticism but may also be arrogant and insensitive to the feelings of others. Although Leos value their independence, they are very concerned about the welfare of those they care about and will go out of their way to be helpful, especially if their help is met with thanks and appreciation. Leos are playful, creative and childlike. They enjoy the company of children and take great pleasure in creative, fun activities of the sort children enjoy, especially imaginative play. Leos energy, enthusiasm and humor can be contagious and exhausting. Their confidence, loyalty and determination make them great leaders, provided they can keep their enthusiasm in check to avoid overwhelming potential followers and beware of their tendency to surround themselves with yes-men who can be at best useless and at worst dangerously deceptive.

Leo Health Issues

Leos tend to be strong and sturdily built but they can have trouble with back pain and spinal problems. They should make it a habit to pay close attention to posture to prevent back issues. Leos also tend to push themselves in their physical pursuits and may suffer from sprains and muscle strain. Regular Yoga practice will help with this and it will also help with Leo's tendency to develop heart problems from chronic stress. Leos may also develop problems with their eyes.

Food for Leo

Leos need lots of energy and may enjoy carbohydrates with an impunity not enjoyed by some other signs. However, their tendency toward heart trouble means that they should watch their saturated fats and cholesterol and dine on heart-healthy foods with lots of fiber and monounsaturated fats. Try whole wheat or rye breads, brown rice, salmon, oatmeal, blueberries, nuts, sunflower seeds and lots of leafy greens to keep those eyes healthy. Also try eggs, goat's milk, asparagus, beets, figs, lemon, coconut, peaches, apple, raisins, dates, yogurt and whey.

Using Leo Energy for Magick

Leo energy is useful for magical workings relating to children, leadership, all creative pursuits and romance. It's also a great time for any magick relating to people in authority, especially men, investments, politics and career growth as well as encouraging the charisma and self-confidence necessary to be successful in these areas. Any foods with Sun energy or resonating with the element of fire will support these goals.